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Bildleiste Kaffee

Welcome to UCC Coffee Germany GmbH.

UCC Coffee Germany GmbH is a subsidiary of the UCC Coffee Group. In the Netherlands is our biggest coffee roasting factory, recocgnised as one of the largest coffee roasters in Europe.

We specialize in tailor-made products for retail, roast individual blends and manufacture products and packaging to our customers' requirements. While focusing on the supply of coffee pads we carefully watch the international coffee market in general and trends in the pad business in particular.

By means of efficient and modern production plants as well as standardized production processes, we are in the position to offer our customers an optimum balance of quality, lead time, service and ratio of cost / performance.

Due to expertise, experience and service, UCC Coffee Germany GmbH is your recommended partner for a successful cooperation - on both national and international level.

We gladly assist you in translating your idea about your own brand to a finished product.

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